Kiawah Island Golf Resort

Kiawah Island Golf Resort, located off of the coast of South Carolina, is home to an exclusive resort and five championship golf courses. In 2015 it was rated the third best beach resort in the world. With a hotel, villas, and private homes, this golf resort offers a range of activities for relaxation and quiet time.

Rooted in its origins, the name Kiawah is from the Indians who lived on the island in the 1600s. In 1974 the world-class resort was developed on the land, and in 1993 the current owners purchased the resort. The resort offers a spa, tennis, walking tours, recreation for senior citizens, family activities, and never ending food selections. It is even possible to host a wedding at the resort. Best of all, the resort has five challenging golf courses, all designed by different designers.

Course 1: The Ocean Course

The Ocean Course was designed in 1991 by Pete Dye. This course is a challenging one due to the strong winds, large slopes, and tall grass. The World Golf Championships World Cup in 2003, the PGA Professional National Championship in 2005, the Senior PGA in 2007, and the PGA Championships in 2012 were all held on this course. The Ocean Course has 10 holes along the Atlantic Ocean, receiving those strong ocean breezes. This course will be the host for the 2021 PGA.

Course 2: Turtle Point

Jack Nicklaus took a strategically challenging project when he designed Turtle Point. The course was reopened after a redesign in October of 2016. Turtle Point is a classic 18-hole 72-par course. The small greens, water hazards, and the abundance of out-of-bounds makes this course a difficult one.

Course 3: Osprey Point – Kiawah Island Favorite

Tom Fazio designed the most popular course of the Kiawah Island Golf Resort guests. This 18-hole 72-par course is for the average golf player, offering natural lagoons and old oaks. Each hole offers challenging aspects but also plenty of room to make it a playable course.

Course 4: Oak Point

Oak Point was renovated in 2015 and was designed by Clyde Johnson. Another strategy focused course on the island, Oak Point offers challenging greens requiring strategy rather than power. This course takes golf players back to the 1920s, focusing on the ability to place the ball in a certain part of the green for the best game.

Course 5: Cougar Point

Gary Player redesigned Cougar Point in 1996 with a perfect blend of all types of holes. The challenging par-3s, long par-4s, and high risk par-5s create a course that requires strategy throughout the whole game.

Whichever course you choose, you will be rewarded by great scenery and a great game. All five courses create challenges that the guests love. Kiawah Island Golf Resort is a no-brainer when choosing your next golf vacation.

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