Adjusting to Rid Yourself of Fat Shots

Rid Yourself of Fat Shots

Every one of us has definitely hit more than just one or two fat shots while golfing. For those that don´t know what a fat shot is, it is when the club strikes the ground before making contact with the ball.

Fat shots can really add strokes to your game. This is the last thing you want to happen. Hitting the ball consistently is the key to fix this (and other golf swinging problems).


What Causes Fat Shots

Fat shots are caused by the fundamentals of your swing. Adjusting your swing is a simple fix for this. Like I said it is an easy fix but not something done overnight. It is not as simple as just rotating your grip.


Your Stance

It makes perfect sense that your body posture is of course important for lining yourself up for a shot. Most golfers tend to put their weight towards the back of their body. This only results in a shot that feels unnatural. Your weight should be more in front of you. Placing your weight on your leading foot will make your swing go more through the ball rather than chipping it up. Remember that you want to swing through the ball.


Watching the Ball

When most golfers are approaching a shot they tend to look at the top of the ball. To try and keep away from the fast shot you should look at the back of the ball instead. This is where you will be looking to make contact in order to swing through it. Keeping your head still will help you out on concentrating on where the contact will be made.