About Us

We have been working with 50 markets for more than 8 years now. That is why we decided to start GolfersMagazine.net. The website was designed to cater to the lifestyle of the golfer and different ways to enjoy the game of golf. Our goal is simple; to present the golf communities with articles about the lifestyle, tips on golfing and information about different golf and country clubs.
Golfers Magazine is the actual publication; it provides information in such a way that we have a low ad ratio. Our magazines are available throughout the most prestigious country clubs in the United States. They can be found in the Pro Shops, Sales Offices, Clubhouses, etc. With our magazine, you can get your company in front of the members, estate owners and retirees of these exclusive country clubs.
Golfers Magazine is set up to present your company’s information to people that can afford the professional services that you provide. We can help you achieve this in a direct, cost effective way. Our local editions are very informative and aesthetically pleasing leading to a long shelf life.
You will be assigned a designer that will work back and forth with you to convey the information that you want to potential clients. We work with you in creating beautiful and unique design layouts. All of our design work is included in the price of the ad. Also, you get to keep the ad and use it in any other way that you wish.