Women’s Golf Weekend

If guys deserve a weekend of golf, so do us women. We love women’s golf weekend here at The Golfer’s Magazine and we have come up with some ideas for you to have the best weekend with your ladies.


Who to Invite

When planning your women’s golf weekend, the guest list may be a little different than your normal girl’s night out list. Of course whoever you invite on this trip will have to enjoy playing a round of golf or two. You want to make sure they also like going out. This weekend is about all things women and all things fun, and why not, the guys get their weekend. Make sure your friends can keep up and will enjoy what’s on the activity list.


Where to Go for the Perfect Women’s Golf Weekend

There are several golf resorts out there that also have spas. You want to pick a place where you can relax, play a round of golf, and that has night life for you and your ladies to go out for dinner and drinks, and maybe even a little bit of dancing.


Ojai Valley Inn & Spa is a great option, close to LA shopping and equipped with a spa. The resort offers one of the first golf courses in Southern California to play on. Omni Hotels & Resorts is also another option for your weekend with the women. It is located in Austin, Texas with great food options, a spa, and four distinct golf courses. Our last suggestion, Pine Needles Lodge & Golf Club, is located in North Carolina. It is a perfect mix of relaxation, golf, and upscale dining. Whichever place you go, make sure it has the perfect golf amenities for the ladies.


What to Pack

Of course, you will want to pack your golfing outfit, some tennis shoes, and your golf clubs. You should call ahead and find out the dress code at the club. You will also need clothes for dining, going shopping, and a robe for your spa days. Don’t forget your party dress if that’s in the schedule for the weekend!


A women’s golf weekend is a must with your girlfriends before the end of 2017! For more golf resort suggestions, look at our Courses & Travel page. If you need wardrobe ideas, we even have a Women’s Golf Fashion Pinterest board!