Cigars and Golf

Golf and Cigars

Golf and cigars go hand in hand with each other. There is nothing like enjoying a good stogie when you are out for a stroll on the course. There are just some things to keep on mind while out on the course.


Be Courteous

If you are not sure if your partner smokes, ask first. There are some non-smokers that do not mind if you smoke. If they don´t smoke, try to keep yourself downwind from them. There is nothing like trying to set up for a shot and you have a bunch of cigar smoke flying in your face. If they do smoke, try and bring enough to go around so that you can share your favorite brand (or it is one way to get rid of undesired cigars).


Your Ashes

You might think that ashing your cigar wouldn´t be a problem, but it is a small one. Ashing on the greens is a no-no. it takes a long time to get the greens how they look now. The same goes with disposal. Don´t just throw it into the rough, try to dispose of it properly. The last thing you need is to start a fire.


While Swinging

Some of us are able to still concentrate with a cigar in our mouth. One thing that you should never do is put the cigar on the grounds. You need to remember that there are a lot of fertilizers and other chemicals on the ground. There are plenty of cigar holders and tees for a reasonable price out there.


Choosing the Right Cigar

You know how long a round of golf can take. Find a cigar that can last as long as you do. I usually find something in the toro size (6 inches). Weekends you definitely want to be prepared. The longer waits from more people being on the course, as you know, can easily add an hour to the game.


Bringing some of your best cigars can be a waste. Taking your best cigars will not give you a chance to enjoy your cigar (especially if your game is not going as planned).


This should help you out the next time you go out to shoot some golf. Like I said these are just some ideas that we use around here at Golf´s Lifestyle. Feel free to let us know what you think.