Creating a Backyard Golf Hole

How to Create a Backyard Golf Hole

Have you been wanting to add a backyard golf hole to your home? It makes sense, having a putting green in the comfort of your own home is every golfer’s dream. Being able to practice your putt and getting it right is essential to the game of golf because putting is really what makes a golfer stand out from the rest. Well here are some tips on how you can add a golf hole to your backyard even if you live on a golf course property.


Choose Your Surface – Synthetic Grass Surface or Real Grass?

Natural grass is a cheap start up surface but it requires more upkeep and the perfect conditions. On the other hand, synthetic grass requires a cleaning every now and then. While the starting costs of synthetic grass is higher, you will save money in the long run by the little upkeep requirements. Synthetic grass can be as expensive as you want and now resembles real grass, so you have a lot of options.


Measure Your Yard

This is an important step you don’t want to skip. Measuring your yard allows you to buy the right amount of material for your golf hole. Once you’ve measured it, make a diagram and tape off the area where you’ll be installing it so that everyone working on your backyard golf hole is on the same page.


Remove the Grass

After you map out your golf hole, it is time to remove the grass. Removing the grass allows you to lay down the road base, a material that lays underneath the grass. Make sure that the road base is smoothed out and compacted well.


Dig the Hole

Before any grass goes down, it is important that you lay down the fundamental piece: the hole. Use a pipe to put the hole in the ground and keep it marked. You want to make sure that the hole is defined and packed well enough that it will hold.


Lay the Grass for Your New Backyard Golf Hole

With either type of grass you chose, you will lay it over the hole and the dirt that you have marked out for your backyard golf hole. Cut away the extra grass around the edges and leave some extra for a slope at the end. Add to your golf hole a cup and flag. You can also add decorations or obstacles on your putting course if desired!


After all of this, you will have your very own backyard golf hole and your friends will be able to see the difference on the field.