Benefits of Joining a Country Club

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Some Benefits of Joining a Country Club

We all have wondered about the benefits of joining a country club at one point in time. Sooner or later, we decide. I had a lot of questions before I joined. I am going to tell you the reason why I joined my club.

The Initiation Free

I was worried about this in the beginning. Thinking back, wondering if the fee was too exorbitant when really it wasn´t. It was only a one-time fee and I was done. Letting my family enjoy the pool and clubhouse actually was able to give me more time on the course. Actually didn´t see that one coming.

No Greens Fees

This might not be for all country clubs, but for mine it is. The fact that after work on most days, I can just walk on with my bag and just shoot a couple of holes and go home is a great feeling. Not all clubs do this either so you would want to check out the regulations first. Some of my co-workers have to pay for their cart rental when they go golfing. Some clubs will even let you play five-somes.


There is no benefit to dues, but it works out in the end. You will eventually be playing more golf and actually end up saving money because of the amount of golf being played. The fact that I have to spend $200 in food and beverages doesn´t bother me. I take the wife out to eat at least once a month anyways, but I do take the whole family out also.


I have meet quite a few influential people there. It has helped me make some important connections. My wife was able to connect with some powerful clients for her accounting firm and has been able to help her out a whole lot.

The Greens

This is probably the most important to me. The greens are manicured year round. One of the reasons that they are so nice is that there are no weekend hackers out there. Golfing on perfect greens is one of the greatest things ever.

The Amenities

Not only do most clubs have pools they also have a variety of other things to do. Most you will be able to find fine dining there. The club that I belong to also has a gym and an area for our small children.

To me, the benefits of joining a country club outweigh the disadvantages in my eyes. The country club lifestyle is not for everyone. If you are an avid golfer this would definitely be something to look into. We have even considered buying a country club property.

Some Strange Golf Rules

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Just Some Strange Golf Rules

We all love the game of golf. Sometimes there are just some rules that do not make much sense. There are many of these rules, but we are only going to cover a few of them here.


A clubhouse is considered an immovable obstruction. If your shot ends up in the clubhouse and the clubhouse is not out of bounds, you are permitted to open a window or door in order to continue playing through.


If on a shot your ball lies next to a cactus, you are allowed to cover your arms and/or legs in order to protect yourself from the cactus. If you cover the cactus with something, that is considered to be “altering physical conditions” and therefore could be penalized.

Flying Insects

An insect on your ball or blocking your shot is considered a loose impediment. Loose impediments are not allowed to be moved. If the insect is in flight, then you are allowed to swat it away from you.


If two players are playing with the same type balls (example both are numbered “1”) and the balls land near each other and not easily recognized which ball belongs to whom, then they are both considered lost.


Spider webs are considered a loose impediment, even if it is attached to something.


Cleaning your clubface by spitting on it is perfectly legal. However spitting on the clubface to affect trajectory is illegal.

Bottled Water

You cannot place a bottle of water on a green in order to determine the break.

There are still some more weird rules in golf, but this is just some of our favorites. All sports have some types of strange rules. We definitely think that golf has the strangest.

Women’s Golf Weekend

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Women’s Golf Weekend

If guys deserve a weekend of golf, so do us women. We love women’s golf weekend here at The Golfer’s Magazine and we have come up with some ideas for you to have the best weekend with your ladies.

Who to Invite

When planning your women’s golf weekend, the guest list may be a little different than your normal girl’s night out list. Of course whoever you invite on this trip will have to enjoy playing a round of golf or two. You want to make sure they also like going out. This weekend is about all things women and all things fun, and why not, the guys get their weekend. Make sure your friends can keep up and will enjoy what’s on the activity list.

Where to Go for the Perfect Women’s Golf Weekend

There are several golf resorts out there that also have spas. You want to pick a place where you can relax, play a round of golf, and that has night life for you and your ladies to go out for dinner and drinks, and maybe even a little bit of dancing.

Ojai Valley Inn & Spa is a great option, close to LA shopping and equipped with a spa. The resort offers one of the first golf courses in Southern California to play on. Omni Hotels & Resorts is also another option for your weekend with the women. It is located in Austin, Texas with great food options, a spa, and four distinct golf courses. Our last suggestion, Pine Needles Lodge & Golf Club, is located in North Carolina. It is a perfect mix of relaxation, golf, and upscale dining. Whichever place you go, make sure it has the perfect golf amenities for the ladies.

What to Pack

Of course, you will want to pack your golfing outfit, some tennis shoes, and your golf clubs. You should call ahead and find out the dress code at the club. You will also need clothes for dining, going shopping, and a robe for your spa days. Don’t forget your party dress if that’s in the schedule for the weekend!

A women’s golf weekend is a must with your girlfriends before the end of 2017! For more golf resort suggestions, look at our Courses & Travel page. If you need wardrobe ideas, we even have a Women’s Golf Fashion Pinterest board!

Golf Legends

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Golf Legends

Since we are in the midst of the 2017 PGA Tour, we thought it would be appropriate to share some of the all-time golf legends. Both men and women have changed the game of golf and it’s only fair that they get their recognition. While there are many people who have won championships and earned nicknames, the following list are our favorite men and women of golf.

The Men

These players are hands down the biggest golf legends in the industry. From before the beginning of televised golf to today, these players are the best of the best.

Jack Nicklaus is one of “The Big Three,” (pictured on the right) along with Gary Player and Arnold Palmer. Nicknamed as “The Golden Bear,” he has more major championships than Ben Hogan and Arnold Palmer combined at a total of 18. He has 6 Masters in his back pocket along with 2 U.S. Amateurs, 3 Players titles, 73 PGA Tour victories, and 10 Championship Tour trophies. His record is at 115 worldwide victories over a span of 25 years. He now has a golf course design company named Nicklaus Design that has designed 410 courses open for play in 45 countries.

The newest golf legend, Tiger Woods, has eclipsed almost every single golfer out there. He has 14 major championships, 3 U.S. Amateurs, 79 PGA Tour victories, and 97 worldwide wins. He also is noted for having the lowest career scoring average in the history of the PGA Tour. Tiger Woods is accredited 10 Player of the Year awards and is the only player to ever win 4 consecutive majors. Like Jack Nicklaus, Tiger also has his own design company named TGR design.

The King of Golf, Arnold Palmer, brought golf into our living rooms. He changed the idea of golf as an elite pastime to an accessible sport to the middle class. He won 4 Masters from 1958 to 1968 and ranked in the top 4 five other times. Arnold Palmer has won 62 PGA Tours and 7 Major Championships and he is the first PGA Tour millionaire. He had 15 consecutive years with at least one victory.

Gary Player, another member of “The Big Three,” has 165 worldwide victories in his back pocket, including 24 PGA Tour wins. He is only one of 5 players that owns a career Grand Slam. He has won the Masters and British Open three times each.

Ben Hogan has won 64 PGA Tour events including 9 majors. He is the only player to win the Masters, the U.S. Open and British Open in the same year and he is a pillar in the golf instruction community. Although scoring standards for the U.S. Open and the Masters were eventually broken by Jack Nicklaus and then Tiger Woods, Ben Hogan is a legend and always will be.

The Women

Patty Berg fought in World War II as a Marine, all while kicking butt in golf. She is the champion of 60 women’s events, all between the time periods of 1937 to 1962. While she wasn’t a founder of the LPGA, she was the president of the organization that preceded it.

Mickey Wright was famous during the 1960s, wom 13 major championships, had victories in 14 straign seasons, won 82 LGPA events and 91 tournaments worldwide, one of the best golf swings in all of time.

Kathy Whitworth has more professional titles than all other players (male and female) except for Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player and Roberto De Vicenzo. She has 97 worldwide victories (the same as Tiger Woods) and has won 88 LGPA events. Kathy is a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame and retired in 2005.

Julie Inkster has always been a role model for all women athletes. Julie started her professional golf career young and continued it while being a mother of two all at the same time. She has won 7 majors, has 31 LPGA victories, 39 professional titles, and has also won three consecutive U.S. Women’s Amateurs.

Who are Your Favorite Golf Legends?

As we mentioned, these are only just a few of the many golf legends out there. We would love to know your favorite men and women of golf and we are looking forward to see who else ends up on this list in 20 years.

Golf Betting Games

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Golf Betting Games

There are a lot of golf betting games out there. These extra games help break up the game a little and add excitement to the game. Even if you are not a gambling man, remember you can always do a ¨Gentleman’s Bet¨. Golf’s Lifestyle does not condone or encourage gambling, it might even be illegal depending on the country club. These are just some ideas to spice up the game a little.


If you play golf on a regular basis, you have probably played skins at one point in your life. Skins is a basic golf betting game. Value is placed on each ¨skin¨ before play is started. A ¨skin¨ is awarded to each outright winner. In other words, if there is a tie on that hole, the ¨skin¨ would be carried over to the next hole. An example would be; Jim and Bob shoot a four on hole 3, then hole 4 Bob shoots 3 and Jim shoots 4, Bob would win 2 ¨skins¨. The ¨skins¨ are tallied up at the end and paid accordingly.

5 – 3 – 1

This is a good game for a threesome. The low score of the hole will receive 5 points. Second lowest score will get 3 and so on. If two players tie, then the score is split. If Jim shoots 4 and Bob and Mike shoot 5 then it would be worked out like this:
Jim gets 5 for winning.
Bob and Mike get 2 points each (3 + 1 / 2 = 2).

Best Ball

This happens to be one of my favorite golf betting games to play. The rules are pretty simple and everyone can agree on them. In a foursome, two teams are created. Each player plays their own ball. At the end of the hole, the higher score gets thrown out and the lower score is kept between the two players. At the end of the round scores are added up and the team with the lowest score wins. This game is good for people that are not that consistent (those two or three bad holes won´t wreck your whole game).


Gruesome is exactly what it sounds like. Two teams are picked. After everyone tees off, each team will choose which ball the other team plays off of. It would be extremely rare if someone were to pick the other team’s better lie. It is usually the most gruesome shot picked.

These are just some of the games we like to play when we go out. There are many more out there and maybe we will cover some more in the near future. We don´t really gamble for money, but someone is going to be buying the first round at the 19th hole.

Buying a Golf Course Property

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Buying a Home on a Golf Course

Being an avid golfer, I have always considered buying a home on a golf course. There are several things to take into consideration before making the purchase.


The location of the home is important. If your home is near a tee, the fairway or the greens, you will have different results. When your home is near the tee you will be more than likely to have a lot of noise from the chit-chat. The weekends can make it considerably worse. The fairway will tend to have less noise. The greens will have about the same amount of noise like the tee (except the occasional celebration).


You need to understand that your house will get hit by golf balls no matter where it is. If your house is near a tee, you are less likely to get hit as they will be driving away from your home. Along the fairway is where you are most likely to get hit.


Something that is often overlooked are the golf carts. Check to see what kind of golf carts the country club uses. If they use gas carts, then you probably will be hearing the carts running around from early morning to dusk. Most country clubs now use battery driven carts, but it is still something that needs to be looked into.

The Greens

Buying a home on a golf course is a decision that should take serious consideration. There are a lot of benefits to the lifestyle on the course, as long as you can take everything else in stride. My best advice is to visit the property different days of the week and different times in the day. Talk to the neighbors and ask them questions. They will understand all of the questions, because they probably asked them themselves.

Hitting that Flop Shot

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When Hitting that Flop Shot

Flop shots are more common than most golfers put to mind. It is always best to try and avoid it, but like any other shot in golf, it is one that should be practiced every time you hit the range. We always recommend like 20 or 30 shots at least to make sure that you are prepared the next time you run into those situations.

When to Hit the Flop Shot

The flop shot is one of the most difficult shots for most golfers. It is always best to try and avoid the flop shot (especially if you do not have much experience).

Are You Using the Right Club?

Flops should be hit with a high-lofted wedge. Most of us here use one in the low to mid 60’s. Chances are that you don’t carry one in your bag. This could possibly be part of the problem you might be having when it comes to your flop shots.

Take a Look at Your Surroundings

When you have to do a flop shot, it is best practice to study your surroundings. There still could be other options. Remember that the shot could land you up way past the cup, on the beach or even worse, in the drink.
Greens are getting faster and faster as time goes on. There are very good chances that if your trajectory is off, you could shoot way past the hole and into a hazard. The shot is not about spin, more about control.

Controlling Your Shot

A good shot will have you end up with the ball flop down and land as close as possible near the hole. The reason it called a flop shot is that you want the ball to have a soft landing with very little roll (the less the better). If you get too much under the ball, chances are you will just swing under it and it stays right where it was. Hitting the ball even and putting the club parallel with the ground is always the best option. Like any other shot, let the club do the work for you.

Setting Up for the Shot

Like we said, try to use your most lofted wedge for the shot. You are going for height, not distance or spin. Anything 60 and over should be the club that you use.
The ball should be forward in your stance as you approach the shot. This way you hit the ball more towards the upswing. The clubface should also have the face open at all times. It should be nearly pointing straight up.
Take an almost full backswing when you are setting up. Getting under the ball and lifting it up is the main goal. If you don’t take an almost full backswing, chances are that your upswing will not be complete either.
The flop shot is a tough one to master. Like any other shot in golf, it takes practice to get it down pat. The best flop shot is the one you don’t have to take. Hopefully, this will help you prepare for the next time out. Enjoy your next round.

Tips for the Driving Range

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How to Handle the Driving Range

I hit the driving range quite often. Mostly because I don’t have time to fit in a full round (much less just 9). I do use the range for a variety of things. I can tell you this, every time I go I see the same thing. The first thing someone does is tee off looking for that bomb shot.

Use it as a Tool to Help Your Game

Not saying that I don’t like hitting a couple of hundred yards, but it is not all that I work on while I am out there. The range is one of the best places to work on almost every facet of you game. The range should be one of the places where you work more on perfecting your game.

Use the Range Like You Were Playing a Real Game

Instead of getting a bucket of 100 balls and going to town (unless you are there just to kill time), just grab a bucket of 50. This way when you practice, it is more like a real game. Go through all the motions like you would always do.

Turn it into a Real Game

Of course get in some warm up shots, like you normally would and then act like you would if you were to head out to the course. Start off with your driver, move on to an iron, then the wedge like you would be pitching to a green. Every time you start over with your driver, turn it into a par four or five. This will get you more into a routine like you are playing a real game of golf. Never in a real game would you always just use the driver and putter.

Go for Specifics

Practice shots at different yardages to get more of a feel of your clubs. It is best not to just go for 150 yards 20 times in a row, try various shots like on the course. Hit one like 200 and then some at like 100 and aim at different targets. Practice fairway drives at different distances, but align them up trying to shoot through different markers.

Diversity is Key

Most driving ranges also have places for your other shots. The putting green is only good for putts, but it can also help you work on some of your small chip shots out of the rough. Practice here from various distances and angles. This will help you better read the greens and the greens are always something you will do every time you play, but most people don’t practice that part.
Bunker shots are always good to practice on. Try a couple or more shots like they landed in the bunker. Toss some in like they landed at random and if there is not a hole close, place some type of marker out there to see if it comes close to where you expected.
These are just some of the things that I do about half the times that I go out and shoot some golf. Ever since I have started these tips and to practice this way, I have enjoyed the range more in addition to improving my game. Give it a try the next couple of times that you go out and see if it helps out your game also. Happy golfing.

Planning a Golf Outing

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When Planning a Golf Outing

You might think that it would be simple planning a golf vacation. You might think that it is as simple as a date and place, well it’s not. We, the guys in the office, were thinking about it and it was more than just that. The Six W’s needed to be asked. We had to ask ourselves who, what, where, when, why and how.


We needed to decide who was to be included in the trip. Would it be the four or six that go out at least once a month to shoot around? Do we want just a guys golf weekend or would we allow spouses and girlfriends? We decided just the four of us was good enough. We already get along good and are used to our playing styles. Some of us even wanted time away from it all.


At first we were not sure on what type of golf trip it would be. Would we be partying at nights or relaxing. We weren’t even sure if we would spend every last minute golfing or even get in some sightseeing while we were there. We are going to be traveling in a group and needed to keep everyone interests in mind when making this decision.


This was one of the toughest ones to pick between us. Some of us wanted to try and knock one off the bucket list and others just wanted to hit up a great course, which is one of their favorites. Budget played a factor in this one. Not all of us had the same budget planned (or were allowed to spend) on a golf trip with just the guys.


Of course we all needed to get together about when we would take our trip. One thing that made it a little difficult is that we all work together and it might be a little hard for us all to get the time off at the same time. It’s a good thing almost all of us can work on the road.


We all work together and are comfortable with it. We decided to try and not talk about work, but we all know it will happen. We are going to have to try our hardest and see. It is probably going to happen and we are just going to have to accept it.


This one also took a while to plan out. In the beginning we thought planning our trip we were going to go with a golf vacation planner. Sounds like the best idea in the world. Then we started to wonder if we could get the best bang for our bucks with that plan. Would they get us into the best courses for our needs, do they have connections for the types of resorts/hotels, would they have our best interests in mind? We looked around and found out it was easier to leave the work to someone else and also there were not any hard feelings about personal interests in mind. Is it clear which hotels and room categories you are staying in (either single or twin occupancy)?

We are not going to influence you with our decisions when it comes to planning a golf outing. Only you and your group are going to make all of the right decisions. Take your time and remember it is all about enjoying golf. Have a good trip.

Guys Golf Weekend

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Golf Weekend With Your Guys

We go on an annual guy’s golf weekend here at Golf´s Lifestyle. We tend to plan on larger groups when we go. The largest group we have had has been 18. There is a couple of reasons why we like trips like this.


When you travel in a large group you are more than likely to end up getting more time to get to know your co-workers. It makes it a good chance to make friends with people that you might not get to know (like someone in another department). With a large group it is less likely that there will be an odd man out.

Pick a Reasonably Priced Venue

Something to keep in mind is that not everyone is in the same economical bracket. There are a lot of golf resorts that are easy in the pocket. Having a large group can also maybe get you a good discount at a resort you might not be able to afford on your own. Call a couple of resorts and you might be surprised at what you can find.

More People Means More Fun

With a large group not only means more diversity, but also more chance for side games/bets. Not that we condone or endorse gambling, but some of us like the occasional ¨Gentleman´s Bet¨. I personally like to wager a couple of bucks, but nothing crazy. I can do my $5 wagers (when legal) without having to try and keep up with daddy war bucks that wants to put down significantly more on each hole. There is no pressure, the crowd is large enough to find someone willing to wager you the way you want.

The Nightlife

The best part about a large group is that nocturnal activities are wide open. We have all been on that trip with a buddy to find out he is not someone that likes to go out at night. Simultaneously we have had that party buddy that wants the loud club and you just want to sit and relax and have a couple of drinks without having to yell over a blasting disco stereo system.

Taking a guy´s golf weekend gives the guys in the office a chance to create bonds and form friendships within the office. If you ask around you might find out more people would take a trip with a large group and hit the links. You never know who you might end up forming a friendship with.