Adding Lag to Your Swing

Power and Distance: Adding Lag to Your Swing

In order to become a complete golfer, you must master every aspect of your game. One of the hardest, and trickiest parts of developing your golf game is lag. If you need more power and distance in your swing, then you have to focus on developing your lag. Although many golf instructors emphasize lag as a major component they fail in identifying the right technique in order to achieve it. There are a few factors you must take into account, but if we analyze lag from the physics point of view then it’s quite easy to develop more distance and power with a few adjustments. Remember that practice makes perfect, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t achieve more lag right off the bat.


Get the Right Grip

First things first: make sure you are using the appropriate grip. You must keep a firm grip on your club´s handle in order to achieve the most power and distance in your shot. It should feel like your club is an extension of your body. Keep your hands together and make sure the club moves with your shoulders and hip rather than your wrist. If your grip is weak your club will move from your wrist and you will lose power. As long as you keep a tight grip then your lag is bound to increase and you will power your golf ball through longer distances.


Get Your Body Out of the Way

This is a rule of thumb for all shots really, although most golfers and instructors often overlook it. Your body can easily get in the way of your shot. The most common problem is positioning yourself too close to the ball. Another common one is losing balance while swinging, which causes your center of gravity to shift. An easy way of solving this is to stand a good two feet from the ball (distance between your tip toes and the golf ball). Now picture a large imaginary wall where the ball is. The wall should be parallel to where you are standing. Once you take a shot your body must not come closer to the wall than what it is already. The only thing that will come in contact with the wall will be your clubhead once it hits the golf ball. It can be tricky at first but do not get discouraged! Once you master this exercise of swinging without moving your body any closer to the wall you will notice all your power is going towards your swing, thus giving you more lag.


Swing to the Target

Most golfers get so caught up in body posture and swing technique and forget the main goal: hit the ball! Remember that is your main purpose, so everything you do has to revolve around swinging at the target. Your position, stance, club and swing are important but you must always keep your eye on the prize. Make sure you can comfortably hit the ball right down the middle and find a stance, club and swing technique that help you achieve just that. Don’t try to mimic what to pros do for mimic’s sake. Swing at the target and build the rest of your game around that.


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