Chipping Techniques When Golfing

Chipping Techniques

Although it’s not usually recognized as such, chipping is one of the most important parts of your golf game. It’s usually outshone by other aspects of golf like driving and putting, however chipping techniques can make the difference between a good scorecard and a great scorecard. Chipping comes in handy when you are near the green. It’s a great way to lower your scorecard and minimize the amount of strokes needed to get the ball in the holes. There are several factors when it comes to chipping: the club used, the elevation of the ball, distance required and of course the roll and break of the ball. Take a look at some tips below to enhance your chipping shot and achieve a lower scorecard in your next round.


Visualize Your Shot

Most golfers get frustrated when caught in a sand bank near the green. The average golfer will aim to simply get the ball out of the sand trap and into the green and work from there. In order to achieve the best result, you want to visualize your shot. This means you need to know where the hole is in relation to the green and where your ball is in relation to the hole and what loft you should use. It will help you know how much strength you need and what elevation would be best. Don’t be scare if it’s the first time you ever considered this. Just keep practicing and once you have experience controlling your shot you will be able to identify how to chip your ball.

Chip for an Epic Up and Down

Once you learn to visualize your shot you can work on your up and down. The up and down is simple- try to get the ball in the hole in two strokes once it hits the green. Once you learn how to come out of the sand trap the up and down should be your next thing in mind. After your chip you will be putting your ball so make sure you leave your golf ball in an advantageous position rather than going for an easy chip and ruining your chances of and up and down.


Hands Ahead of the Ball

One of the most common mistakes when chipping is positioning your body. When you take your stance to strike your golf ball you must make sure your hands are ahead of the ball. Tiger Woods is a great example of how this basic adjustment can take your game to another level. If you keep your hands ahead of the ball and ahead of the clubface you will achieve cleaner contact with the ball. Not to mention you will avoid the dreaded chili dip (hitting the ground before your ball). It will also help you get better acceleration and enhance your control.


Putt Over Chip

In some cases, a chip is not even necessary. If you are around the green or in the fairway in front of the green you should always try to putt it instead of chipping it. The rule of thumb for this one is simple: if there isn’t too much grass between the hole and your ball always go for the putt rather than the chip.


Start applying the tips above and remember practice makes perfect and you will master your chipping technique and lower your scorecard in no time. Stay tuned for more tips and insights on the best golf courses in the world. If you’re interested in being advertised in our magazine give us a call and our experts will be more than happy to assist you, contact us now!