Benefits of Joining a Country Club

By March 22, 2018Lifestyle

Some Benefits of Joining a Country Club

We all have wondered about the benefits of joining a country club at one point in time. Sooner or later, we decide. I had a lot of questions before I joined. I am going to tell you the reason why I joined my club.

The Initiation Free

I was worried about this in the beginning. Thinking back, wondering if the fee was too exorbitant when really it wasn´t. It was only a one-time fee and I was done. Letting my family enjoy the pool and clubhouse actually was able to give me more time on the course. Actually didn´t see that one coming.

No Greens Fees

This might not be for all country clubs, but for mine it is. The fact that after work on most days, I can just walk on with my bag and just shoot a couple of holes and go home is a great feeling. Not all clubs do this either so you would want to check out the regulations first. Some of my co-workers have to pay for their cart rental when they go golfing. Some clubs will even let you play five-somes.


There is no benefit to dues, but it works out in the end. You will eventually be playing more golf and actually end up saving money because of the amount of golf being played. The fact that I have to spend $200 in food and beverages doesn´t bother me. I take the wife out to eat at least once a month anyways, but I do take the whole family out also.


I have meet quite a few influential people there. It has helped me make some important connections. My wife was able to connect with some powerful clients for her accounting firm and has been able to help her out a whole lot.

The Greens

This is probably the most important to me. The greens are manicured year round. One of the reasons that they are so nice is that there are no weekend hackers out there. Golfing on perfect greens is one of the greatest things ever.

The Amenities

Not only do most clubs have pools they also have a variety of other things to do. Most you will be able to find fine dining there. The club that I belong to also has a gym and an area for our small children.

To me, the benefits of joining a country club outweigh the disadvantages in my eyes. The country club lifestyle is not for everyone. If you are an avid golfer this would definitely be something to look into. We have even considered buying a country club property.

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