Some Strange Golf Rules

By March 22, 2018Lifestyle

Just Some Strange Golf Rules

We all love the game of golf. Sometimes there are just some rules that do not make much sense. There are many of these rules, but we are only going to cover a few of them here.


A clubhouse is considered an immovable obstruction. If your shot ends up in the clubhouse and the clubhouse is not out of bounds, you are permitted to open a window or door in order to continue playing through.


If on a shot your ball lies next to a cactus, you are allowed to cover your arms and/or legs in order to protect yourself from the cactus. If you cover the cactus with something, that is considered to be “altering physical conditions” and therefore could be penalized.

Flying Insects

An insect on your ball or blocking your shot is considered a loose impediment. Loose impediments are not allowed to be moved. If the insect is in flight, then you are allowed to swat it away from you.


If two players are playing with the same type balls (example both are numbered “1”) and the balls land near each other and not easily recognized which ball belongs to whom, then they are both considered lost.


Spider webs are considered a loose impediment, even if it is attached to something.


Cleaning your clubface by spitting on it is perfectly legal. However spitting on the clubface to affect trajectory is illegal.

Bottled Water

You cannot place a bottle of water on a green in order to determine the break.

There are still some more weird rules in golf, but this is just some of our favorites. All sports have some types of strange rules. We definitely think that golf has the strangest.

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