Buying a Golf Course Property

Buying a Home on a Golf Course

Being an avid golfer, I have always considered buying a home on a golf course. There are several things to take into consideration before making the purchase.



The location of the home is important. If your home is near a tee, the fairway or the greens, you will have different results. When your home is near the tee you will be more than likely to have a lot of noise from the chit-chat. The weekends can make it considerably worse. The fairway will tend to have less noise. The greens will have about the same amount of noise like the tee (except the occasional celebration).



You need to understand that your house will get hit by golf balls no matter where it is. If your house is near a tee, you are less likely to get hit as they will be driving away from your home. Along the fairway is where you are most likely to get hit.



Something that is often overlooked are the golf carts. Check to see what kind of golf carts the country club uses. If they use gas carts, then you probably will be hearing the carts running around from early morning to dusk. Most country clubs now use battery driven carts, but it is still something that needs to be looked into.


The Greens

Buying a home on a golf course is a decision that should take serious consideration. There are a lot of benefits to the lifestyle on the course, as long as you can take everything else in stride. My best advice is to visit the property different days of the week and different times in the day. Talk to the neighbors and ask them questions. They will understand all of the questions, because they probably asked them themselves.