Golf Betting Games

There are a lot of golf betting games out there. These extra games help break up the game a little and add excitement to the game. Even if you are not a gambling man, remember you can always do a ¨Gentleman’s Bet¨. Golf’s Lifestyle does not condone or encourage gambling, it might even be illegal depending on the country club. These are just some ideas to spice up the game a little.



If you play golf on a regular basis, you have probably played skins at one point in your life. Skins is a basic golf betting game. Value is placed on each ¨skin¨ before play is started. A ¨skin¨ is awarded to each outright winner. In other words, if there is a tie on that hole, the ¨skin¨ would be carried over to the next hole. An example would be; Jim and Bob shoot a four on hole 3, then hole 4 Bob shoots 3 and Jim shoots 4, Bob would win 2 ¨skins¨. The ¨skins¨ are tallied up at the end and paid accordingly.


5 – 3 – 1

This is a good game for a threesome. The low score of the hole will receive 5 points. Second lowest score will get 3 and so on. If two players tie, then the score is split. If Jim shoots 4 and Bob and Mike shoot 5 then it would be worked out like this:
Jim gets 5 for winning.
Bob and Mike get 2 points each (3 + 1 / 2 = 2).


Best Ball

This happens to be one of my favorite golf betting games to play. The rules are pretty simple and everyone can agree on them. In a foursome, two teams are created. Each player plays their own ball. At the end of the hole, the higher score gets thrown out and the lower score is kept between the two players. At the end of the round scores are added up and the team with the lowest score wins. This game is good for people that are not that consistent (those two or three bad holes won´t wreck your whole game).



Gruesome is exactly what it sounds like. Two teams are picked. After everyone tees off, each team will choose which ball the other team plays off of. It would be extremely rare if someone were to pick the other team’s better lie. It is usually the most gruesome shot picked.


These are just some of the games we like to play when we go out. There are many more out there and maybe we will cover some more in the near future. We don´t really gamble for money, but someone is going to be buying the first round at the 19th hole.