Guys Golf Weekend

Golf Weekend With Your Guys

We go on an annual guy’s golf weekend here at Golf´s Lifestyle. We tend to plan on larger groups when we go. The largest group we have had has been 18. There is a couple of reasons why we like trips like this.



When you travel in a large group you are more than likely to end up getting more time to get to know your co-workers. It makes it a good chance to make friends with people that you might not get to know (like someone in another department). With a large group it is less likely that there will be an odd man out.


Pick a Reasonably Priced Venue

Something to keep in mind is that not everyone is in the same economical bracket. There are a lot of golf resorts that are easy in the pocket. Having a large group can also maybe get you a good discount at a resort you might not be able to afford on your own. Call a couple of resorts and you might be surprised at what you can find.


More People Means More Fun

With a large group not only means more diversity, but also more chance for side games/bets. Not that we condone or endorse gambling, but some of us like the occasional ¨Gentleman´s Bet¨. I personally like to wager a couple of bucks, but nothing crazy. I can do my $5 wagers (when legal) without having to try and keep up with daddy war bucks that wants to put down significantly more on each hole. There is no pressure, the crowd is large enough to find someone willing to wager you the way you want.


The Nightlife

The best part about a large group is that nocturnal activities are wide open. We have all been on that trip with a buddy to find out he is not someone that likes to go out at night. Simultaneously we have had that party buddy that wants the loud club and you just want to sit and relax and have a couple of drinks without having to yell over a blasting disco stereo system.


Taking a guy´s golf weekend gives the guys in the office a chance to create bonds and form friendships within the office. If you ask around you might find out more people would take a trip with a large group and hit the links. You never know who you might end up forming a friendship with.