Planning a Golf Outing

When Planning a Golf Outing

You might think that it would be simple planning a golf vacation. You might think that it is as simple as a date and place, well it’s not. We, the guys in the office, were thinking about it and it was more than just that. The Six W’s needed to be asked. We had to ask ourselves who, what, where, when, why and how.



We needed to decide who was to be included in the trip. Would it be the four or six that go out at least once a month to shoot around? Do we want just a guys golf weekend or would we allow spouses and girlfriends? We decided just the four of us was good enough. We already get along good and are used to our playing styles. Some of us even wanted time away from it all.



At first we were not sure on what type of golf trip it would be. Would we be partying at nights or relaxing. We weren’t even sure if we would spend every last minute golfing or even get in some sightseeing while we were there. We are going to be traveling in a group and needed to keep everyone interests in mind when making this decision.



This was one of the toughest ones to pick between us. Some of us wanted to try and knock one off the bucket list and others just wanted to hit up a great course, which is one of their favorites. Budget played a factor in this one. Not all of us had the same budget planned (or were allowed to spend) on a golf trip with just the guys.



Of course we all needed to get together about when we would take our trip. One thing that made it a little difficult is that we all work together and it might be a little hard for us all to get the time off at the same time. It’s a good thing almost all of us can work on the road.



We all work together and are comfortable with it. We decided to try and not talk about work, but we all know it will happen. We are going to have to try our hardest and see. It is probably going to happen and we are just going to have to accept it.



This one also took a while to plan out. In the beginning we thought planning our trip we were going to go with a golf vacation planner. Sounds like the best idea in the world. Then we started to wonder if we could get the best bang for our bucks with that plan. Would they get us into the best courses for our needs, do they have connections for the types of resorts/hotels, would they have our best interests in mind? We looked around and found out it was easier to leave the work to someone else and also there were not any hard feelings about personal interests in mind. Is it clear which hotels and room categories you are staying in (either single or twin occupancy)?


We are not going to influence you with our decisions when it comes to planning a golf outing. Only you and your group are going to make all of the right decisions. Take your time and remember it is all about enjoying golf. Have a good trip.